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Here in Seattle I enjoy spending time with my wife Steph and our 3 boys - Jake, Til and Sam. Our 3 boys love sports, Star Wars, and legos. Go figure.

As often as possible, I visit my friends back in Switzerland. Together with Rike, Fizzi, Mats, Hotti, Luc and Lise we spend time playing cards, having delicious  dinners and hiking and snowboarding in the Swiss mountains.

I love to spend time with them, as well as with my brothers - Kaspar and Samuel - and their families

Lastly, I enjoy interacting with many close friends around the world, including Emma and Mark in Manchester, UK, AJ in Boston, Aki in Tokyo, Chris in Hamburg, Germany, Henry, who is somewhere on the road for Doctors Without Borders, Ruby in Hong Kong and Mimi in Bejing, China.