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The Phenomenology of Media Aesthetics - The Interrelations Between Media Technologies and Human Experience.


We might have become used to modern media technology, but despite our familiarity with modern media technology there is a lack of  understanding about how they fundamentally impact our lives. There isn't a comprehensive and concise general theory about modern media technology. Existing theories within the scientific community are inconsistent and contradictory.

The goal of this publication is to answer the question why there is no general theory of modern mass media and to build a framework for such a general theory. The philosophy of Edmund Husserl, Martin Heidegger and Nicolai Hartmann are used in order to build the framework of the general theory.

Publisher Peter Lang Publishing Group
New York, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Frankfurt, Bern 
Publication Year 1995
ISBN-No. 3-906753-90-5
Retail Price US$ 57,95  /  Euro $50 / SFr. 78,00 

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